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Short Film Distribution Accelerator

The Short Film Distribution Accelerator (SFDA) gives short films in the horror, suspense and thriller genres fast worldwide marketing and distribution with no effort. Filmmakers submit their completed 20-25 minute film for consideration to be included in the currently running Twisted Fiction series. Twisted Fiction is a horror anthology series currently available on Tubi and Plex, with additional streaming outlets coming soon.

The top challenge for Indie filmmakers after financing is distribution and marketing. This leaves many films without the exposure they deserve, tucked away with limited audience and visibility. Filmmakers are often frustrated with the time consuming, confusing and costly process of self distribution and marketing. 

The FSDA solves the filmmakers distribution and marketing challenges by providing a conduit for marketing and distribution that is already established. When a film is selected to be included in The Twisted Fiction series, the filmmaker is compensated for their work and the film is immediately added into the Twisted Fiction series as an episode. Jagged productions markets all episodes in the franchise though extensive social media campaigns. By including short films in an established series with the marketing and distribution processes already in place, there is greater exposure and momentum for their work. This service helps filmmakers build an audience, get exposure and visibility of their work. 

Films that are not selected to be included in the Twisted Fiction series, will automatically be entered into the Jagged Productions Online Film Festival showcasing all of the amazing works submitted.


To get started sign up now! : You will receive an email with details. Film reviews are currently taking two weeks.

Film Submission Form
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